Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins is a dedicated esports journalist specializing in covering the dynamic world of CS2. With a deep passion for Counter-Strike 2 and its competitive scene, Peter has established himself as a reputable source of news, analysis, and insights within the CS2 community.Drawing from his extensive knowledge of the game, its mechanics, and the esports ecosystem surrounding it, Peter brings a unique perspective to his journalism. He stays up to date with the latest CS2 tournaments, roster changes, strategies, and emerging trends, providing readers with comprehensive coverage of the CS2 competitive scene.

4 months ago 75
Fancy United Esports and EDward Gaming are two highly skilled Valorant teams that will be facing off in ...
4 months ago 66
BetBoom Team and Cloud9 are two prominent Counter-Strike 2 teams that will be facing off in an upcoming ...
4 months ago 67
Preasy Esport and GODSENT are two well-known teams in the competitive gaming scene, particularly in Counter Strike 2 ...
4 months ago 68
Astralis and, two renowned teams in the world of Counter Strike 2, are set to clash in ...
4 months ago 64
Intense and are two prominent teams in the competitive Counter Strike scene, slated to face off against ...
4 months ago 74
Into the Breach and Anonymo Esports in CCT Online Finals #5 Two powerhouses of the Counter Strike 2 ...
11 months ago 140
What will Counter-Strike 2 bring to the table when it comes to weapon Skins?
12 months ago 127
Learn how are smoke grenades about to change gameplay in Counter-Strike 2.
1 year ago 139
Learn about Counter-Strike 2 release date.
1 year ago 136
Learn more about Counter-Strike 2 Beta and how to access it.

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